Spiritual self test

Spiritual Self-test

Welcome to our Spiritual Self-Test! This is a reflective tool designed to help you delve into your spiritual journey. It’s not about categorizing or labeling you, but encouraging self-discovery and personal growth.

There are no right or wrong answers. The aim is to prompt thought-provoking introspection about your values, beliefs, and spiritual practices. Be honest and compassionate with yourself when responding, as the most accurate insights come from genuine reflection.

Whether you’re well-traveled on your spiritual path, or just stepping onto it, this quiz can shed light on your unique spiritual essence. Ready to dive in? Let’s explore together!


Spiritual Self-test

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Which of these do you think is your best quality?

2 / 20

Where do you want to put your energy right now?

3 / 20

Which hobby do you enjoy most in your leisure time?

4 / 20

You feel most focused and energetic:

5 / 20

Can you still feel the souls of your friends and family who have died?

6 / 20

Which of these choices would have the biggest impact on the quality of your life?

7 / 20

Do you believe in miracles?

8 / 20

Do you ever feel that a guardian angel or other supernatural being is here to keep you safe?

9 / 20

What kind of emotions do you get when you look up at the night sky and see the stars?

10 / 20

Do you think that there is more to life than what we can easily see?

11 / 20

Do you think that everything in life happens for a reason?

12 / 20

What makes you happiest?

13 / 20

When you’re in the middle of doing something and someone interrupts you, you might:

14 / 20

When you come upon something hilarious, you:

15 / 20

When you walk into a social gathering, you often do the following:

16 / 20

Your favourite colour is:

17 / 20

It is common to see yourself in dreams as:

18 / 20

Which one best characterizes your weakness?

19 / 20

You follow rituals because:

20 / 20

Which value attracts you the most?

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